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How To Take Advantage of Technology and Improve Your Business & Homes Today

business and technology

business and technology

Taking full advantage of all the technology that is now available for your ease and convenience can really boost your business’ productivity. Technology can even help you save more money and ensure that it is convenient for you all the time. One great example is the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP. This is one thing that has been utilized very often, both in homes and in businesses. So long as you have the equipments needed to get it up and running, you may start utilizing your internet connection and make use of it to make necessary phone calls on a daily basis.

Obviously, there is very little that you will need for you to get your VoIP system up and running. Among the things needed in setting up your VoIP will always be available through your internet connection’s help. Enterprises and individuals that require the use of technology especially for their communications need on a much larger spectrum will need to use some specific gateway that will best match their preferences and needs. For the individual user, the use of a stable internet connection and DSL will suffice. Other things you will need are headset and speaker or microphone as the case may be.

One amazing benefit you can have from this kind of technology is the fact that it is not merely computers that are contacted by VoIP, but also you can contact people on any kind of device that they may have. This can include mobile phones, landlines, and even computers too, depending on their preferred mode of communication mode. You can also have the ability to contact international numbers and call overseas to your loved ones, business associate, or investor thus saving you a significant amount of money over what you might be typically paying through your existing phone service. You know for a fact that calling abroad using regular telephone services can create a huge dent on your pocket. But, thanks to VoIP, the world is now within your easy reach.

Moreover, with VoIP the quality of the phone call will have to depend on a number of factors. For instance, the more bandwidth you have, the more likely you’ll end up with a high quality and clear call. If you are doing any research on this issue, make it a point that your research is up to date. For the past years, this technology has improved considerably. Now, you can enjoy making calls at a fraction of the cost of what you might have pay for using a regular phone service.

One more thing to consider is the use of software that is needed for you to take advantage of VoIP technology. For business organizations or small enterprises, they may require specific software with appropriate licenses to enable the technology is running smoothly. For the end user, the introduction of VoIP technology made communications easier, cost-friendly, and limitless. NowFree Web Content, the world is a much better place with all your contacts well within your easy reach.

Computer Smps Service Manual Detailed Information On Finding Gold Quality Smps Repair Manual

If you need a computer SMPS service manual, then allow me to share with you a few tips to ensure you get only the best quality manual.

I know its not easy to find a high-quality manual for servicing and repairing switch mode power supplies or SMPS. Actually, Ive downloaded a couple of PDF repair guides but they werent much help.

Here are some negative things about those guides

(1) The instructions were difficult to understand.

(2) The instructions were not organized in a proper manner. For example, basic chapters like understanding SMPS components and how to read schematic diagrams were placed at the END of the manual!

And worst of all

(3) Those computer SMPS service manuals did not have any step-by-step photo instructions!

Now Im going to tell you how I discovered the best guide on troubleshooting and fixing all types of SMPS not just computer SMPS.

The first thing I did was visit an online forum that is related to the subject of electronics. Believe me, youll find many seasoned technicians hanging around electronics forums.

Some are very friendly and would be willing to offer valuable tips, advice and resources. In fact, I found a very high quality computer SMPS service manual thru recommendation from a respected forum member.

So you should definitely seek help from online forums. If you post your questions properly, youd great answers from forum members including links to the best resources on repairing SMPS.

A couple more tips

Make sure you get a SMPS repair guide that teaches you everything in a step-by-step fashion AND provides in-depth information on safety guidelines, tools and test equipment to conduct proper SMPS repair and troubleshooting.

Some SMPS reparation manuals do not provide such information which I think is a shame because topics on safety and testing tools are absolutely crucial.

LastlyAnd this is very, very important!

Try obtaining a manual that includes PERSONAL email consultation support from technicians who are experts in repairing SMPS.

If you have personal email access to an expert, then I guarantee youll have very little trouble repairing faulty switch mode power supplies.

Think about it, any problems you may have can easily be addressed by sending an email to the expert. Now thats POWERFUL!

Environmental Technologies and their benefits

With the globe becoming increasingly pollution-prone, all of us face the threat of a dark future devoid of the present beauties of the world. Globally, there is an alarming increase in environmental pollution. Considering the depletion of useful natural resources and the pollution of the environment, the predictions about the end of the Earth no more seem to be wild fantasies. In such a bleak scenario, only environment-friendly technologies can save us from environmental disasters.

Global Warming is one of the most adverse threats the Earth is facing today. It is taking its toll on the world through a whole lot of pollutants. It is high time we heed this alarming fact and take measures to battle the impending hazards.

Environmental Technologies are the only way to curb pollution and create a hazard-free environment. The main concept behind environmental technologies is to convert environmental beneficial material into value added products and services. The purpose of implementing environmental friendly technology is to minimise environmental pollution. Some of the beneficial factors are:

1.Minimum materials as input 2.High energy conservation. 3.Least pollution. 4.Minimum waste disposal. 5.Numerous valuable by-products are recovered.

Environmental Technology is the cleanest and most resource efficient technology. Corporations can gain competitive advantage using these technologies. Many companies utilise environmental technologies to produce common consumer products. Leading players like NTIC produces Polymer Energy with the help of environmental technology for economical and environmental gain. It is an alternative and effective method to recycle and dispose plastic wastes. The Polymer Energy system effectively converts plastics into crude oil with the use of catalytic pyrolysis. Every single ton of plastic waste is converted into 775 litres of crude oil.

Approximately 230 million tons of garbage is generated which is converted into Nature-Tec environmental friendly plastic. Bio-based or bio-degradable plastics are produced using environmental technology. These plastics are fully degradable and prevent the soil from getting polluted. Some of the useful applications of these plastics are carry-out bags, packaging films, trash bags. They can also be used as extrusion coat papers which are used in coated paper cups, trays and others.

NTIC is an extremely environment-friendly and eco-conscious organisation which has completely understood the concept of environmental technology. It is constantly striving to utilise environmental technology to its fullest extent and offer value-added products to consumers. NTIC stands in offering an environment-beneficial clean technology to the public.

Babak Pourgol Computer Services

Making selection for the computer services need extreme care. Make sure that you are not doing any kind of compromising in choosing the services. So always check that the employees handling your computer are good communicators and are having good social skills. In this competitive world we all are totally dependent on our computers, laptop, notebook PCs etc as they are the efficient techniques to fasten our day to day work without spending much time. And hence we always require a good computer service that can maximize the capacity and capabilities of our computers by avoiding any kind of problems being generated. Some of the services are provided related to brands specific issue and problems, while others give support related to maintenance issues, software technical support etc. Onsite services provided by computer services are essential for business setups which includes network setup issues or local server problems. Onsite services are necessary to judge issues related to hardware installation repair and replacement.

Some of the computer services work for the issues related to your laptop. They can give you the estimate about the repairing cost and its replacement of the parts. But the replacement can only be done after getting approval from your side.

Babak Pourgol Computer Services is one of the GTAs trusted names in terms of computer repair and maintenance. The service is named after a famous computer expert Babak Pourgal who started building and repairing computers for families and friends day by day he was getting proposals to repair innumerable computers, depending on that he decided of starting Babak Pourgol Computer Services especially for giving services for GTA computer users. He came to know that while providing service, it is essential to attain customer services 24 hrs a day. And for that reason the member of Babak Pourgol Computer Services increased from 1 to 4. Today this computer service is working for providing services needed for both large and small scale business with 10 professional staffs. With highly proficient technician the Babak Pourgol Computer Services gives you guaranteed service and protect you from any kind of data loss. With better performance and speed, these services are well acquainted for virus and malware removal.

Services provided by Babak Pourgol Computer Services
Babak Pourgol Computer Services brings to you an incredible service in more than 40 different domains which includes the following:

Virus and Spyware removal
Operating System restoral
Network Setup, maintenance and repair
Hardware installation, repair and replacement
Data transfer
Memory upgrades
Software technical support
Comprehensive diagnostic
Computer training
Hard drive data recovery
Data recovery
Printer service and repair
New computer setup
Networking setup and maintenance
Data safety consultation
Laptop system installations
Operating system upgrades
Internet optimization

Mobile Communication A Cutting Edge Technology

Wireless communication has diffused faster than any other communication technology in history. To begin with, the most pervasive technology in this field has been Mobile Phone which brought a wave of variations in the mode of communication.

Within a span of about 10 years Mobile telephony has moved from being the technology of a privileged few to an essentially main stream technology. It actually began to take off world wide in mid 90s when the ratio of mobile to land line phone went up from 1:34(1991) to about 1:8(1998). By 2000 the ratio of mobile phone to land line phone rose to 1:2 and by 2003, mobile phone subscriptions had overtaken mainline subscription for the first time. Since then mobile phone subscriptions have continued to rise effectively at a fast rate. With the passage of time mobile phones have not only become substitutes for wired phones but have overshadowed them.

There has been a significant increase in mobile phone subscription in the past decade and mobile phones have outstripped fixed lines in most countries. The main reason being that the mobile phones come with a wealth of features like text messaging, email, internet access, games, music playback, personal organizer, etc. The mobile phone technology is getting more and more advanced with each passing day.

Considering the importance of WIRELESS INTERNET –Although there are a variety of ways to access the internet wirelessly( for example mobile phones, pagers, laptops, PDAs) access via mobile phone has received the most kind attention in the past few years , probably because mobile phone is the primary mode used to remain connected with information and resources.

It has been rightly quoted “With mobile phone in your hands the world is at your finger tips.”

Further emphasizing on the future of internet and communication it has been rightly said “The future of the internet and computing application is not going be in the home or at the office ; its going to be MOBILE” —-Nigel Clifford, Sybian Secondly preference for asynchronous communication method suits the fast & modern lifestyle. As we all know email is considered more efficient, faster, cost effective and secured means of communication. Today’s global workforce demands “anywhere, anytime” technology. Information on the move is a necessity as well as an advantage.

Emails brought us the freedom to communicate quickly with anyone anywhere over the internet. Being the most cost effective and efficient method to transmit all kinds of electronic data, it has become indispensable for professionals, students and probably for everybody who has the need to access emails while on the move.

For modern enterprises, the benefits of accessing emails on mobile are clear: its convenient and provides for new opportunities, and they are an exceptionally effective way for workers to stay connected with both colleagues and back-office information It provides

1. Increased employee productivity while away from the office.

Basic Preventive Measures Related To Computer Maintenance

When you buy a computer it runs very smoother, faster and it got things done almost at the speed of light. But within few years it starts getting slow. Sometimes you might have also noticed fatal blue screen that forces your computer to automatic shut down causing you to lose any unsaved work you had going at the time. These are some of the very basic problems that we face after few years of computer usage.

Computer repairs and maintenance is the only solution related to all the problems associated with your computer. Your computer needs to fixed and if you ignore the fact then situations will definitely get worse as time passes on. If these problems are not attended then there are chances where many simple repairs can turn into major expenses such a entire hard drive replacement.

To avoid such critical issues it is always better to follow some very basic things on a regular basis for your computers regular maintenance. These types of preventive measures can keep your computer in a healthy condition to run faster. Some of the basic functions such as scan disk and disk defragmentation will automatically minimize the need for computer repair by performing these functions.

The protection through antivirus can also help you to avoid your costly computer repair charges. It is very important to update your antivirus program regularly. This will definitely keep your computer away from different malicious viral attacks.

It is also important to keep the right tool kit for your computer. An eyeglass kit and small set of screwdrivers is good to have for removing computer panels to do some basic computer repair that can be categorized as do-it-yourself type repairs.

When you are disassembling your computer make sure that the screws and bolts to place them on a white piece of paper standing on the head (if possible) with a written indication of where they go in the computer. There can be many screws and bolts that look similar in size but actually there can be very small differences in the size that matter a great deal.

It is very important to know the basics of computer in order to solve some minor problems. It is always better not to spend time waiting for a technician to arrive. You can also check out for some quality computer repair service center on how to perform simple computer repair such as reinstalling a program after a system crash or resetting a program from your computer’s registry.

Fix Csc.exe Error – How To Efficiently Fix Csc.exe Error

What is csc.exe and csc.exe error?

csc.exe is not a Windows core file, it is located in a subfolder of C:Windows. Known file sizes of csc.exe on Windows 7/XP are 49,152 bytes (66% of all occurrences), 76,984 bytes or 80,376 bytes. The program is invisible and is not a Windows core file. Therefore the technical security rating is 37% dangerous, do not delete it optionally unless your computer has been infected by virus or malware, otherwise you may run into csc.exe error.

csc.exe error is a common but serious EXE error which is tied closely with csc.exe file. A list of system files are associated with csc.exe, for example: jSgbT.exe, iOGNgcL.exe, Iyccl.exe, muyhvHV.exe, LNDCgLMHO.exe, qpYpaA.exe, xKOcO.exe viQWW.exe, MVPGLNs.exe and PaJaXCOqG.exe.

What cause csc.exe error?

Multiple system problems can result in csc.exe error, they are listed below: unwanted removal or missing csc.exe, incorrect version of csc.exe, installation of csc.exe aborted, invalid csc.exe, corrupt csc.exe repair failure, associated .dll file corruption, invalid installation files of application program, disordered registry, mess of junk files, Windows update failure, damaged driver files and undesirable registry problems.

Common csc.exe error messages:

” Title: End Program – csc.exe

This program is not responding To return to Windows and check the status of the program. click Cancel. If you choose to end the program immediately. You will lose any unsaved data. To end the program now, click End Now.”

” Title: csc.exe – Bad Image

C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v2.0.50727mseconwks.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.” ” Title: csc.exe – Application Error The instruction “0x6603c228” referebced memory at “0x771e1368”. The memory could not be “read” Click on OK to terminate the application”

” The InstallShield Engine (csc.exe) could not be launched. Access is denied.”

” Title: Microsoft Reader The InstallShield Engine (MOMl.exe) could not be launched. Class not registered”

Consequences of csc.exe error

csc.exe error can bring about a list of further undesirable system problems to your computer:

Software instability Unexpected Blue Screen of Death errors Black Screen of Death errors with driver file detail Virus attack Unwanted missing of passwords Faulty associated .dll files location Unexpected installation of unknown programs Undesirable modification of Home Page Desktop Icons delete failure

How to efficiently fix csc.exe error?

Solution One: Replace it with a compatible one.

Step One: Copy the compatible version of csc.exe from another pure and clean computer.

Step Two: Paste it onto your hard disk. And then open the folder C:WINDOWSsystem32.

Step Three: Go for the questionable version of csc.exe.

Step Four: Rename it with any name you like.

Step Five: Copy and paste the compatible version into the folder C:WINDOWSsystem32.

Step Six: Click Start and then select Run.

Step Seven: Type cmd onto the latest pop-up window and press Enter button to go into the Command mode. (For Windows 7 users, type cmd onto the latest search box above Windows menu.)

Step Eight: Type regsvr32 csc.exeonto Command Prompt and then Enter.

Solution Two: Re- register associated .dll files of csc.exe.

In order to fix csc.exe error, you can have a try to re- register the associated .dll files of csc.exe in the event that they haven’t been damaged by any unintentional activity or compromised by malware. You can follow the simple steps listed below :

For Windows XP user:

Step One: Click Start, click Run.

Step Two: Type cmd onto the pop-up dialog box and press Enter to enable Command Prompt utility.

Step Three: Type for %1 in (%windir%system32*.dll) do regsvr32.exe /s %1 onto the Command Prompt window when it appears.

Step Four: Press Enter to finish the modification.

For Windows 7 user:

Step One: Click Windows or Start if you are using Classic theme.

Step Two: Type cmd onto the latest search box on Windows menu.

Step Three: As soon as the Command Prompt appears on the screen, type for %1 in (%windir%system32*.dll) do regsvr32.exe /s %1

Step Four: Press Enter

Solution Three: Modify Registry Manually

Step One: Restart computer and then press F8 to get into safe mode when booting

Step Two: Click Start, click Run, type msconfig, press Enter

Step Three: From Startup option, cancel csc.exe and then press OK

Step Four: Click Start, go to Run

Step Five: Type regedit onto the dialog box and press Enter

Step Six: Scroll down until you find HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun

Step Seven: From the window on the right side, locate all the values associated with csc.exe and then delete them.

Step Eight: Or click on Edit, select Find

Step Nine: Locate and delete all the values associated with csc.exe

Step Ten: Press F3 to search for the next one, make sure you clean them all.

Step Eleven: Restart computer

Most system errors and damages are due to the registry problems, some of which are extremely dangerous and deadly. The registry has a strong impact on system performance, any incorrectly modification or damage to it will cause serious system problems, some of which are even irretrievable.To fix csc.exe error in registry, the safest way is to use a powerful registry utility to help you out. With the understandable interface of the tool, you can easily fix any registry problem without considering computer skills. Soon your computer will be in a better status , of course, you will never be trapped in csc.exe error as well.

Want to fix csc.exe error right now?

An Outline Of Computer Virus Issues

Computers have incredible capabilities. They can accomplish great tasks, communicate clearly, make things move and think beyond human measure. Computers have become like humans in nearly every conceivable manner, so it’s no surprise that computers can also get sick.

The computer revolution first began picking up speed in the late 1980s. Since then, it has evolved to be a vital element in our society, our corporate and our personal lives. Computers have become part and parcel to virtually everything we do day in, and day out. But with all good comes a little bad. Some users have maliciously created computer viruses that have grave effects. The range of computer viruses existing in our modern networks has a huge prominence in our lives, because of all the ways we depend on computers. Despite our need for dependable computers, some people have nothing better to do but exercise their computer knowledge in a destructive way, creating computer viruses.

The first computer virus, called “The Brain”, was created in 1986. The Brain is a boot-sector virus, which occupies unused space on the disk to eliminate further use of memory space. After it was created, The Brain quickly spread worldwide in 1987. The Brain virus was considered first to use stealth techniques, making the virus difficult to detect.

On November 1, 1987 another virus appeared. The Lehigh virus was named after Lehigh University, the place where this particular virus was first discovered. One Friday the thirteenth, in December of that same year, the Jerusalem virus was discovered at Hebrew University. This virus has also gone by the names “ArabStar”, “Friday the 13th” and the “Black Window”. This is one of the oldest and best-known computer viruses in the world.

Two more viruses surfaced in 1988: the Stone, which was the first bootstrap virus, and the Internet Worm. The Internet Worm caused mayhem in the corporate world as it crossed the United States overnight through a series of computer networks. Then in 1989, the Dark Avenger was introduced. This was a fast-infector that possessed the capability to infect new files despite the presence of anti-virus software. The Dark Avenger computer virus was designed to damage a system slowly. The virus would go unnoticed at first, and damaged files would not be backed up. Slowly it would consume more and more of your computer until it had created permanent damage.

Computer manufacturers and software engineers began the public war against computer viruses around 1990. Corporations began to respond to growing public concern and the number of anti-virus products began to rise. The threat of computer viruses was finally taken seriously. McAfee, IBM, Digital Dispatch and Iris all introduced their anti-virus products and software in 1990. Despite their efforts, computer viruses grew faster, stronger and sneakier. Symantec Norton anti-virus was introduced was introduced in 1991.

The introduction of Windows 95 brought both relief and discomfort to anti-virus companies when it was released in 1995. At that time, most common computer viruses were still boot viruses that worked on DOS, but couldn’t replicate on Windows 95. Then micro viruses were discovered in late 1995. These computer viruses performed in the MS-Word environment, rather than DOS. Again, the anti-virus industry faced challenges to fight against these new batches of viruses. With the introduction and growing popularity of the Internet in the late 1990s, viruses began to spread at a much faster rate.

Throughout 1998 there was no lessening of computer virus attacks MS Office, MS Windows, MS Office and network applications. New viruses continued to appear, and computers and advanced network-to-do applications continued to be affected. In 1999, another virus appeared, infecting computers using Microsoft Word. This computer virus may have been passed on via MS Outlook, or through Outlook Express e-mail programs.

The “Loveletter” virus, also known as “Love Bug” and the “I Love You” virus, is believed to have struck one in five PCs worldwide, making it the most widespread and the most costly computer virus the world had ever seen. The “I Love You Virus” created panic and discord around the globe. The virus was transferred by e-mail. When the receiver opened the attachment, the virus was automatically sent to everyone in the user’s address book. The “I Love You” computer virus spread at a dizzying rate of speed.

As long as we continue to use the Internet and share computer files, we are at risk of catching computer viruses. Even today, more and more viruses are still being discovered, leading to big problems for all users, and creating ongoing dilemmas for the creators of anti-virus programs.

Like people, getting sick is an unfortunate fact of life for computers. Using up-to-date anti-virus software is a sort of preventative medicine, helping to keep computers healthy and computer viruses at bay.

Computer Information Technology Is A Boon To The World

When computer and communications technologies are combined, the result is information technology. Computer Information technology has revolutionized the world making tasks simpler and convenient.

IT industry is booming world wide to its full. In India, IT companies have been spreading its tentacles to various other cities like Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad after establishing its foot in Delhi and Mumbai. Information technology services include data management, networking, designing, development and also the management and administration of entire systems.

The internet communications has brought the world closer. Anybody from any corner of the world can communicate through mails instantaneously by availing internet facility. Not only all the leading companies of today but also the small and medium scale industries want to have their websites so as to be visible online. This makes them visible globally anywhere at anytime, serving as a marketing tool, thereby generating revenue. IT has also helped in solving the pressing problem of unemployment by providing employment to the youth. There are lots of leading companies which offer services in the area of computer information and technology., a B2B directory brings these leading global sellers and buyers online. Sellers can register themselves at and can exhibit their products here for entering the global market. Buyers need to enter computer and information technology on the SME portal search box and can get an access to computer hardware and software suppliers.

Cannot uninstall Molten WoW – How do you uninstall Molten WoW

Cannot uninstall Molten WoW from the computer? Even though lots of users rely on Molten WoW to perform some PC tasks, the older or unwanted version of the Molten WoW on the computer will take up some precious space and may slow down the computer. If you need to uninstall it from the PC, follow the instructions here.

By the way, remove the old version of Molten WoW is the same as removing any other programs from your Windows computer.

Windows XP – Molten WoW Uninstall Steps
Click Start and then Control Panel.
Double click the Add/Remove Programs.
Then a list of software on your system will appear including any Molten WoW software products that are on your computer.
Select the Molten WoW application, and then click the Remove button.
Follow the on-screen wizard to uninstall the Molten WoW from the PC. Windows 7 & Vista – Molten WoW Uninstall Steps
Log onto your system with administrator privileges.
Click Start and then Control Panel
Select Programs
Click Programs and Features
Select the Molten WoW you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Uninstall button. If you select to uninstall Molten WoW with the manual uninstall instructions here, you still have to spend some time removing related Molten WoW entries from the hard disk and going inside your registry to remove all leftover entries. It’s high likely that you would delete a wrong file to get your computer messed up. If this happens, you might be cost even more time and probably some money to deal with the Molten WoW uninstall problem.

However, there are still some ways for you to easily prevent this danger. What is it? That is to uninstall Molten WoW with a professional program uninstaller like Perfect Uninstaller. It will help to uninstall the unneeded Molten WoW completely within steps.

How Perfect Uninstaller uninstalls Molten WoW? Many PC experts recommend users to uninstall programs with Perfect Uninstaller? And it is really a program that holds very high reputation. Why? Because it does as what it is called and promises to uninstall programs by finishing these simple steps:
Uninstall the Molten WoW application completely
Scans both the registry and hard disk to find out all Molten WoW-related leftover file
Safely remove all found files to return you an error-free computer This is how the uninstaller works to remove any program you want from the computer.

Cannot uninstall Molten WoW today right now? Want to completely get rid of Molten WoW from your PC? Download the most powerful program uninstall tool here and you can avoid wasting your time or getting a broken computer easily.