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Home Smoke Eater Reviews

A common problem for smokers or friends of smokers who allow smoking in their home is removing the smell and second hand smoke from their home. Although its best to smoke outside if you insist on not quitting tobacco, you may have a loved one who can’t or won’t smoke outside, or the desire to better protect friends and family against the dangers of second hand smoke. By using a smoke eater in your home, you can better protect your loved ones against the dangers of second hand smoke and make your house smell better too.

Smoke Eaters use a variety of technology to remove smoke from your home. There is a variety of technology used in the air purifiers on the market today from ionic air cleanerrs to HEPA filter-based models, to combinations of the two technoologies. When you look for a smoke eater for your home, you will want to check facts such as the room rating in square feet of the unit, the type(s) of filters required, and frequency of cleaning required to keep the unit running at optimal capacity. The following are some of the poular smoke eaters on the market for use in the home.

BPA SmokeMuncher XL Deluxe Smoke Eater

The BPA Smoke Muncher XL deluxe model is a high quality constructed product. The smoke cleaner is designed to require little maintence and is designed to sit on the floor but can be mounted on the wall. It does require a periodic filter replacement. The unit is rated to cover a 250-350 square foot room and has a sealed air chamber design. You can also choose an option for the unit that has a 500 CFM motor which will cover a 500 square foot room.

AQE X-400 Smoke Eater

The AQE X-400 Smoke Eater is designed to never have its main filters replaced and is designed for installation in your room’s ceiling. The grills of the smoke eater are designed to sit flush with the ceiling and to remin hidden in your home. The unit has an optional odor controlling carbon that you can purchase but is not required. The unit is designed to use an electrostatic precipitator primary filter that can cover 250-350 square feet and is suitable for a small room or office space.

Austin Air HealthMate Jr. Smoke Eater

The Austin Air HealthMate Jr smoke eater is one of the lowest cost models on the market. It uses HEPA filtration and is designed to cover up to 100 square feet. General feedback on the model is that it is good for a small coverage requirement, but does not have the capacity for covering a large room or a small room that has more than the odd cigarette smoked in it.

How can I uninstall XiuXiu Meitu without problems

Do you have to uninstall XiuXiu Meitu from the computer? Actually, the XiuXiu Meitu is not easy to be uninstalled as it always comes onto the computer with a lot of files. If not removed completely, some unexpected errors will come onto your PC like a nightmare. If you really in a need to uninstall the program, then you have come to the right place as I will set you up with the best XiuXiu Meitu removal instructions here.

Basically, there are two ways available for you to remove this program from the computer. That is, you can either do it manually yourself or rely on an uninstaller program. Anyhow, let’s take a look at both right now.

Uninstall XiuXiu Meitu manually To uninstall XiuXiu Meitu by yourself, follow the steps below right now:
Exit the XiuXiu Meitu by right clicking its icon from the Task Bar or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open Task Manager to end its process.
Go to Start >Control Panel>Add/ Remove Programs>find the program in the list.
Click Change/Remove and follow the onscreen steps to finish.
You have to go to your hard disk & registry database to get rid of all left over entries.
Restart your computer when the uninstallation completes.

By the way, the above steps also avaiable to uninstall Microsoft Office from the PC. Though the steps here sound a little simple, doing this is really a time-consuming process. Besides, it is also risky process, too. That is because if you delete a wrong file either from the hard disk or the registry, it’s likely that it will cause serious damage to your computer and costs you even more time & a lot of money, too.

For the safety of your computer, I highly recommend you to uninstall the XiuXiu Meitu by using an uninstaller. Have never heard of this option? Let’s look at it together right now!

Uninstall XiuXiu Meitu with an uninstaller Compared with the manual program removal, it’s highly suggested that you can use an uninstaller so as to avoid wasting of time & money damages to the computer. A great uninstaller which can help you remove this program quickly and safely is called Perfect Uninstaller. You can easily learn from the Internet that, this uninstaller promises to uninstall any unwanted programs. But how? Well, besides uninstall the program itself, this uninstaller will scan and remove any related XiuXiu Meitu entries both from the hard disk & Windows registry database, returning you a complete uninstall process easily. In this way, this program will be fully uninstalled and removed without leaving down a file on your computer.

In a word, to fully remove and uninstall XiuXiu Meitu from your computer, you can either do it by yourself, spend a lot of time locating &removing the files and risk damaging your computer; or use a perfect uninstaller program to automatically do the job for you. No matter which one you use, wish you good luck!

Something Big Is Happening In The Field Of Hair Cloning Research!

Something big is happening is the Hair Restoration industry. Recent advances in Hair Cloning research are promising to provide a bright future and a head of hair once again.

Hair loss is something most men, and some women experience through different stages of their life. It can be hard to deal with it as it gravely effects your self esteem and self confidence. Aside from the obvious cosmetic reasons which play a major role in our society and the way one project on himself, hair loss is also tied to a feeling of premature aging and that of a youth that slips away in a rapid, uncontrolled manner.
With hair loss becoming more widespread these days, so is the drive to find a better solution to the problem.
One promising technique in the industry of hair restoration, is a field called Hair Cloning.

Hair cloning is a combination of different methods, designed to become the ultimate solution for hair loss and completely replace the existing method of hair transplants. The methods are still being developed, however there have been recent advances and numerous success stories which are looking extremely promising:

1. The American company Follica is advancing the research into an incredible discovery that following a cut to the skin, it is possible to alter the repair cells to perform other tasks in addition to healing the cut, such as the triggering the formation of new hair follicles.

2. The American company ARI has finished phase I and started phase II of their research. ARI is considered the leading company in the research for hair cloning technology. Their method includes taking a single hair, and multiplying it in a lab so that it is possible to generate new hair follicles to be transplanted in the masses, with virtually unlimited hair density.

3. Acell has successfully developed a regenerative medicine with MatriStem MicroMatrix patent. It is claimed to be the first successful hair cloning technique and we expect details to follow soon.

A lot of people are waiting for the new technology and we really can’t blame them as it is now nearly at reach and the advantages are huge. To name a few, in contrast to hair transplants, hair cloning is expected to become very cheap over the long run as less staff is involved in the process. It is also set to be less invasive and not leave a scar as there is no longer a need to harvest more than a few single hairs. Like hair transplants, it would be resistant to future hair loss as the DHT resistant hairs from the back of your head are used, and most importantly, IT WILL GIVE FANTASTIC RESULTS WITH VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED HAIR DENSITY.

Expect the very best, it is coming sooner or later and it is set to begin in late 2012!

To get rapid updates, hair cloning news and availability status, please visit the number #1 resource on hair cloning.

A Look At The Different Levels Of Itil Certification

Information Technology Infrastructure Library generally referred to as ITIL is basically comprised of ideas and practices in order to carry out IT operations, IT service management and for the sake of the advancement of IT development. It was created by Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency (U.K) because of the increase in reliance on IT for fulfilling business needs.

Information System Examination Board or ISEB is an association, which provides the ITIL Certification. It came into being in 1967 and is presently running under the patronage of British Computer Society. It trains the representatives for ITIL foundation certificate. ISEB aspires to improve the standard of industry, to support career development and give the employers a competitive advantage by offering them industry-acknowledged qualification, which evaluates proficiency and performance in several aspects of Information System, IS.

EXIN is a Dutch-based self-governing company, which offers ITIL certification. EXIN’s key purpose is to make improvements in the Information Communication Technology, ICT area, and create ICT experts by examinations and ITIL certification. It takes care of the educational needs of those who wish to qualify for ITIL certification, and arranges examinations in IT field.

The individuals must be well prepared for the test. Some ITIL certifications demand work experience in the relevant area, because it makes the course work easier to follow, which otherwise is quite difficult to understand. There are three levels to get ITIL certification.

a. ITIL foundation certification in IT service management
b. Practitioner certificate in IT service management
c. ITIL Service Manager Certification

ITIL foundation: it is the very first and basic level of ITIL qualifications. It involves all the basic information related to ITIL Service support and delivery. The important terms and terminology and all the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of ITIL are studied extensively at this level. As mentioned earlier it is a basic requirement for the next two levels of ITIL certification.

ITIL Practitioner: the qualification of this level decides how well you know and can confidently apply particular methods in IT Service Management. It is considered as valuable evidence of the practical knowledge of a person in some areas of Service Management.

ITIL Service Manager Certification: this is the highest level of ITIL qualifications and is meant for knowledgeable and well informed professionals who regularly engage in Service Management activities. A certified professional is considered to be skillful in ITIL, both in terms of theory and practice.

A Guide To Koobface Virus Removal

Have you seen messages like this in your Facebook email or in a post on your newsfeed?
Hey, I have this totally funny video of you dancing. Your face is so red. You should check it out.
If you’ve received a message like that through Facebook or MySpace, you may have been exposed to the Koobface virus. Koobface comes through an e-mail supposedly sent by one of your Facebook friends inviting you to watch a video.

Once the link has been clicked, Koobface informs you to update your Flash player before the video can be displayed. Therein lies the virus, Hidden in a flash_player.exe file.

According to the Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus company working with Facebook, the worm turns victim machines into zombie computers to form botnets.
The McAfee Security Blog says that when Koobface infects your system, it initiates a downloaded service named Security Accounts Manager (SamSs) to load on start-up. SamSs then proxies all HTTP traffic, theiving results from popular search engines and hijacking them to lesser-known search sites.

A clear eye for fraud will help you avoid this situation. You can usually spot phony e-mails by their titles. Kaspersky found the following: Paris Hilton Tosses Dwarf On The Street; Examiners Caught Downloading Grades From The Internet; You must see it!!! LOL. My friend catched you on hidden cam; Is it really celebrity? Funny Moments. My own Koobface attack came in an e-mail entitled, lool, yoour blushingg afce is so funny! Checkk out. Obviously, Paris Hilton never threw dwarves, and in all likelihood, my 26-year-old friend knows how to spell more than two words. These are clear indicators you and your friend are being hacked.

Facebook has posted instructions about how to remove the Koobface virus, give your computer an antivirus cleaning and change your Facebook password. You should change your passwords fairly often to protect your accounts.

Koobface manual removal:
Kill processes:
freddy79 fbtre6.exe mstre6.exe ld08.exe Ld12.exe
Now to kill malicious processes
Delete registry values:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionRunsystray = c:windowsmstre6.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionRunsystray = C:Windowsfbtre6.exe
How to remove registry entries
Delete files:
freddy79 fbtre6.exe fmark2.dat ld08.exe Ld12.exe

You can also detect and remove the Facebook virus by doing an online scan with a reputable company. I recommend Reimage. They have been around for a while and are constantly updating their systems to find the latest malicious hacks. Stay away for dubious or fraudulent online spyware removal programs. Always do your research before taking action.

Dell adds touch to Studio XPS laptops – are touchscreen laptops a fad

Dell have re-launched their Studio XPS series of laptops and added touch screen functionality to the devices.

With the onslaught of touch screen laptops and tablet computers, people are wondering whether touch screen computers are indeed the next best thing. How does a touch screen laptop or computer fare against traditional computers?

Dell laptops recently joined the touch screen bandwagon. They released the Dell Studio 17, a 17.3 inch touch screen laptop, which is powerful, has brilliant audio-playback capability, and sports a comprehensive multi-touch management hub. It does sound too good to be true, right? It’s packed with features that would surely quench the thirst of tech-savvy people. What are some of these features? Read on.

Quality goes hand-in-hand with Dell laptops and the Studio 17 affirms that fact. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 (2.5GHz) processor, a Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 operating system, 3GB system RAM, webcam and fingerprint reader, backlit keyboard, 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 graphics, slot load DVD+/-RW with dual layer DVD+R write capacity, 9-cell battery and weighs only 7.87lbs plus a host of other features. But it also has a couple of flaws that make it hard to get very excited about. For instance, its size of 17 inches doesn’t really make it very portable. Imagine hauling something as -big- as that wherever you need to go, car and airplane travel included.

Performance-wise, the Dell Studio 17 is definitely at par with other Dell Laptops. That fact is unquestionable. However, with a base price of about 629,00, it’s quite expensive for a touch screen laptop that’s supposed to be in Dell’s -mid-range- series.

However, considering all of its features, it’s safe to assume then that when it comes to the Dell Studio 17, you either hate it or love it depending on what your preference is.

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Computer Support Services In Washington Dc

Computer is an electronic device that has been programmed in such a fashion that it can carry out complex works in just a few seconds. The present world at this moment is handicapped without the use of computers. Multitasking is the main reason behind it. Various mechanical jobs, complex calculations that require the involvement of a lot of people, are easily done by a single computer. With the introduction of new soft wares, complex works have become much faster and easier.

Now like all other mechanical equipments or machines, computers are also prone towards malfunctioning. It requires service or in other words technical support. Various types of technical support like remote desktop, on-site technician visit, email, and online chat are available. Many computer support companies have their own technicians. There are a lot of companies providing Computer Support Services in Washington.

Alexandria-The new destination of computer technicians

Alexandria which is located in the commonwealth of Virginia is a city with top computer companies. As a result Computer Support in Alexandria is turning into a big industry. Even small cities like Fairfax are also not lagging behind. Smaller IT companies are opening up their units in Fairfax. All departments of course have the presence of a large number of computers which requires services and maintenance. So companies providing Computer Support in Fairfax are also on the increase. With the presence of so many multinational companies, IT technicians have a huge role to play. Also the demand for networking technicians or engineers is on the rise. The city Alexandria, due to the presence of big multinational companies requires technicians or engineers very often.

Companies with computer support in Washington DC are also providing networking support as well. This helps them to keep customers, clients on a long term basis. All multinational companies want their problems addressed at one place only. They never like hopping around from one place to another for their problems. So computer support companies which also provide networking support get a strong client base. Also they hire up smaller companies if they are in shortage of technicians. Computer related issues and server problems can affect the business in various ways, some of which are given below:

*Server downtime results in losing customers as well as valuable time.

* Regular fixing of issues increases cost.

*Making the network more prone to hackers and virus attack.

Although these are a temporary issues, but can be resolved efficiently and quickly by expert technicians.

Geeks R Us offer laptop, desktop, Mac, computer repair services in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area.

Computer Repair Tips On Formatting The Pc

Most of the computer users wish to have a smooth running of the computer. They want a flawless running and a speedy performance of the computer. But the performance of the computer sometimes depends on some issues and if these are not properly handled the performance of the computer hampers. Sometimes problems like constant crashes and other strange behavior of the computer continues to happen. Sometimes you cannot start up your PC at all. You keep on trying again and again with the same result of failure. When you notice that your computer is not booting up from the hard drive, formatting the hard drive completely and installing the operating system again is the best solutions offered by the computer repair experts.

For formatting the computer you will need to follow some computer repair tips.

At the very first make sure that you have taken back up for all the important data, documents, files and folders and saved it to another computer or to any flash drive. You will now need to turn on the PC and open the CD or DVD drive. Now you will need to insert the operating system CD that comes up with your computer. If you dont have the CD or if you have lost it, you can get the same from the manufacturer shops. You will need to remember the simple fact that these sorts of operating system CDs are designed for the particular type of systems and you will need to make sure that they are compatible.

Computer repair technicians now suggest turning your computer off once the CD tray is closed after you have inserted the CD. Its time to restart your computer. Reboot your computer and wait for the message on your computer screen saying press any key to boot from CD. Once you have seen the message you will need to press any key on the keyboard.

If you cannot see any message saying press any key to boot from CD, you will need to look for the message Press X for setup. You will need to press the said key to enter to the setup. Once you are in the setup, you will need to look for the option boot order. You will need to change the boot order in a way so that the boot starts from the CD first. Actually the command will force the computer to start the boot from the CD first.

Now allow the computer to boot from the CD. Computer repair experts suggest that you should follow the instructions in the prompt to format the hard drive of the PC. Follow the prompt order and format the PC and install the operating system to your computer.

Now you will need to look for the license key of the operating system. When you will be prompted to enter the operating system license key enter it to the directed place. The license key can be found on the top or side of the computer. Install any other software you will need to have. Make sure that you have run the necessary windows updates. This will ensure your computer security. Now restart your computer and you are on the go.

Computer Keyboard – Multimedia Keyboard From China

Computer Keyboard($ 27 usd)


Best Wholesale Computer Keyboards – Black Qwerty Bluetooth Keyboard + Dongle Set. Portable Keyboard – From China Wholesale Business. It supports 104 Standard Keys, ABS Construction, Bluetooth Version: v2.0 (Broadcom 2042 Chipset), Operation Range: 10 Meters and so on.

Please note:
The keyboard is the most common and important input devices, the letters, numbers, punctuation and other can be input into the computer through, thus issue the commands, data to computer.

The keyboard includes AT interface, PS / 2 interface, and the latest USB interface to desktop computers. Now desktop computers use more PS / 2 port, most motherboards are available PS / 2 keyboard interface also.

It includes keyboard, keyboards, wireless keyboard, usb keyboard, computer keyboard, pc keyboards, multimedia keyboard, computer keyboards, bluetooth keyboard, portable keyboard, best keyboard, touchpad keyboard, cordless keyboard, qwerty keyboard and so on.

China Wholesale Computer Keyboards Manufacturer Specification

Bluetooth Keyboard Specification

QWERTY Keyboard
104 Standard Keys
8 Function Keys
ABS Construction
Profiles: WIDCOMM BTW (Microsoft officially designated software)
Class: 2
Operation Range: 10 Meters
Bluetooth Version: v2.0 (Broadcom 2042 Chipset)
Power Source: x2 AAA Batteries
Dimension: 75x440x25m (LxWxD)
Compatibility/Pairing: Windows 98/ME/2000/Server 2003/XP/Vista (Bluetooth enalbed or Using Bluetooth Dongle), Sony PS3
Color: Black
Bluetooth Dongle Specification

Bluetooth Version: v2.0
Dimension: 51x17x8mm (LxWxD)
Manufacturer Ref. : 6FC77NEVB5WR
Class: 2
Operation Range: 10M
Compatibility/Pairing: All Bluetooth devices V2.0 and under
Power Source: Direct from USB port
Other Features:

RF output power 4bm max- best for health with lowest radiation


Emerging Trends In Computer Peripherals And Networking Hardware.

Owning a computer, is in no sense these days counted as an item of luxury. With the increase in user demands and gradual multiplication of application in industry, the use of computers and computer peripheral devices can be found in every sphere of human walk. Education, shopping, banking, health industry, transportation, security- name a place and computers are there.

With the curves rising for demands of computers and the emergence of manufacturers and computer peripherals suppliers who acknowledge and then respond to these needs, which include computer peripheral and mobile handheld computer accessories, the market is highly competitive and tilted on the consumer’s side.

Computer peripheral has a narrow meaning that refers only to the input output devices of a computer, whereas, computer accessories has a broader meaning, that refers, all the parts that support a computer which includes motherboards, sensors, chips, including all the input and output devices. This makes the two terms different in meaning. Some of the more common peripheral devices are printers, scanners, disk drives, tape drives, microphones, speakers, and cameras. Computer peripheral accessory can also include other computers on a network system.

Computer networking hardware typically refers to equipment facilitating the use of a computer network. Typically, this includes routers, adsl hardware, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, network bridges, modems, ISDN adapters, bulk ethernet cable, firewalls and other related hardware. Wireless networking in the forms of wireless lan networking or wireless broadband networking has become increasingly popular, however, especially for portable and handheld devices.

Although other network technologies exist, Ethernet has achieved near-ubiquity since the mid-1990s. Sometimes the word ‘controller’ and ‘card’ is used interchangeably when talking about networking hardware support because the most common NIC is the Network Interface Card. Although ‘card’ is more commonly used, it is in less encompassing. The ‘controller’ may take the form of a network card that is installed inside a computer, or it may refer to an embedded component as part of a computer motherboard, a router, expansion card, printer interface, or a usb hub or USB device.

To reach out to a larger number of consumers, computer peripheral suppliers in UK have a new platform, working efficiently- thanks to world of online shopping. Online shopping provides range and flexibility in prices to computer networking hardware peripherals UK up to an extent of cash backs and some heavy discounts. Internet houses a wider scope to reach out for numerous options of cheap shopping sitting at home only.