A State Needs Machine Industry

Machinery Industry is a tool for processing of raw materials or semi-finished goods into finished goods finished goods which have added value for the benefit. Efforts assembling and also the assembly or repair is part of the industry. Industry results not only in the form of goods, but also in the form of services. Of the machines each have utility, for example lathes and beveling machines useful for making objects become tapered, threaded, making angles and more usefulness.
To have a business in Industrial Engineering is not easy, some of the constraints faced by, among others:
1. Prices machines are expensive, need a large capital
2. Bit Resources machine operator
3. With the machine, labor requirements can be reduced thus increasing unemployment
4. Potential Pollution of both air and sound
5. Human dependence on Industrial Engines

But with the development of the times and technology, like it or not we have to use the machine to meet the needs of the industry. The benefits generated by the companies engaged in the equipment industry are:
1. Facilitate and accelerate the work
2. The resulting product is nice and in accordance with requests
3. Helping people in the production tool may not be human

Industrial equipment should be balanced by the workforce in a country so there are many unemployed and do not make idle laze workers work, producing machines should be sufficient. Because especially in developing countries, many unemployed who can’t find work, or creating an independent business.
Thus, the engine is needed in the industry meet the needs of the construction and other sectors. Therefore in this industry must prepare the availability of spare parts, spare parts availability to avoid wasting time due to the length of the repair process of damaged machine. Machine components have many sizes, shapes and even the name of the spare parts prices vary although these parts are small, but are quite expensive. If you can make the parts themselves and not rely on import, it can save costs. Thus, if the need can be fulfilled machinery industry of a country can be independent without relying too much on imports.

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