Attract More People To Your Website With CometChat

Adding chat application is one among other ways to consider to make your users stay loyal to your website for the reason that the chat application makes each of the users can interacts with each other also with the website itself. However, basic chat application is not that powerful any longer for some reasons. Okay, you still have fun with smileys, but how about if you can get more for a chat software that you install online? It is CometChat a chat application that is built to ensure that your users have so much fun while visiting your site, also this application will make them come back again to your site.

Have a well-designed website or informative information is not enough to make your users feel the attachment with your site, and if you look for the way to make your users become loyal visitor, the aforesaid chat application has anything that you need to make your dream comes true through its powerful features. Start from the text chat, it is not only integrated with sticker and smileys that allow users to add mood for the text they wrote, but also real-time translator.

Make the website online, it will attract visitor from around the globe, and you better believe that not all of your users are English speakers. This real-time translator feature from this chat application will decrease or even eliminate border between each users for the reason of language restraint.  Anytime your users get some texts which language they don’t understand, the text will be directly translated. Add up your users experience to the next level, there is video conference where you and another users have real-time hangout experience.

Usually, users can use this feature through chat room, but chat room where they can perform the video conference is not the only thing. Want to discuss something more personal, video call is another feature that can be used. File sharing to share photo, document and so on, this chat application really is very accommodating. Include into the package, there is also built in game for either multi player or single player that add more fun factor toward your website, therefore they can’t stand to not comeback to your website. Available in three different plans for website owners to choose, ensure that you know what kind of plan option of this chat software that fits to your needs.