How to become a computer network technician

The needs of small and medium-scale industry began to large enterprises on a network computer experts who have international certificates are great. This is in line with the adoption of information technology are also increasingly widespread. There have been many small and medium companies, for example, in company furniture makers market their products throughout the world via the Internet.
These networking experts who require not only a large company, until the company was too big even begin to utilize it. for example, he wants to sell the furniture. If we try to check on Google a lot of that goes on the Internet, they have their own websites.
To become an expert on computer networks are many things that must be known. As:

  1. Mastering basic LAN network. This helps you understand the basic culture of peer to peer networks to a client server.
  2. Topology and networking scheme. Know network construction in the form of pictures and graphics. Network scheme helps us to map the computer network. To facilitate the development of the network in the future.
  3. Know the kinds and types of network devices. Many of the devices that we have to know and understand its characteristics such as: NIC, Lan-Card, Wifi-card, Router, Access Point, HUB / Switch, and others.
  4. Mechanical cabling or crimping. The way how to connect the cable socket and connect between devices in the network computer properly.
  5. Understand service network tools and techniques between the network protocol setting up a network can access the Internet. Even with understanding this concept, though network can be connected to the internet media.
  6. The use of computer networks to support the activities and support the work of human.
  7. Implementation of computer networks for personal, office, education, and others.

Once you master everything about the science of computer networks, it is worth nothing to do test your skill ability. Try to follow the online exam on computer networks such as Network+ practice test if you graduate with good grades then you can say a computer network technician with good competence.

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