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Munich, 18/08/2015 by Georg Kremer

After a presentation, people often find that it would be helpful to have direct access to the slides. With them, you are able to review the content at any given time and get the most out of the information presented. To accomplish this, Slideflight has developed an easy solution.

In Germany alone, over 3 million conventions, expositions, and events are held annually, totaling over 300 million attendants. Microsoft PowerPoint has long since been the standard and favored medium used to deliver presentations to an audience. Behind every successful presentation, however, there are the unseen investments of expense and effort. Organizing and distributing information, especially print-outs, can cost a significant amount of time and money, and often audience members are left waiting. Attempts to transfer PowerPoint slides via e-mail usually results in impractically large attachments and painstakingly slow data downloads.

To combat these challenges, Munich based Venture-Capital-Community, Senovo, in collaboration with Slideflight, has dedicated themselves to finding a solution. Slideflight is a software add-on, similar to a mobile app, that integrates itself into the Microsoft PowerPoint program. Available to download for free from app stores, Slideflight facilitates the interaction and distribution of information between the presenter and the audience. Using specifically developed cloud-software, Slideflight gives the audience members direct and live access to the slides while giving the presenter the ability to synchronize the presentations speed and order. To ensure that the audience is synchronized with the presentation, a unique identification code is generated for each individual slide-deck. However, before the slide-deck is uploaded, presenters are given the extra functionality to control which of the slides are shared, and which are excluded. This provides the presenters with the freedom to tailor their presentations to their target audiences. As a presenter, you additionally have access to reports which detail how many times your presentation was opened or downloaded via the Slideflight app. This guarantees additional transparency. With Slideflight and the simple click of a button, your audience now has unlimited access to your presentation.

Slideflight can be utilized in all industries. Event organization, public speaking, business conferences, telephone meetings and education are just some of the situations where Slideflight can be used to enable the direct and simple transfer of information. Slideflight benefits all participants and contributes to the efficiency and success of any presentation.

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