Split Outlook PST files before they exceed the 2GB limitation

The heavy PST (Personal Storage Table) file size can be an open invitation to the Outlook data disaster. Moreover, the bulky file size can slow down the performance of MS Outlook. Whenever the PST files cross the 2GB limitation then they become corrupt. To avoid data damage a user can split Outlook PST files with the help of 2GB truncation tool (or Pst2gb.exe tool) a data recovery software. This Microsoft based utility deletes the un-required space from the PST files.

Error 0x80040116 is the most frequently occurring error in MS Outlook. It appears onto the screen when the PST files of MS Outlook exceed the 2GB limitation. This error can be rectified with the help of 2GB truncation tool. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Support Site. When the download finishes move the 2gb152.exe files to another file folder – where the following program files reside:






Now open the Pst2gb.exe program and browse the corrupt PST files in it. Create the truncated files by specifying the name & location for saving them. Enter the amount of PST data which can be compacted.

Note: It would be better to truncate at least 20 to 25 MB PST data. A user can truncate the data by 15% if 20 to 25 MB of data is easily truncated.

Now use the Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe tool for fixing the error 0x80040116. It is a Microsoft based utility that can scan the PST and OST files. A user can search for the scanpst.exe tool in files and folders mode of search box.

After opening the Scanpst.exe tool browse the PST files in it. Now click repair option for scanning the files. The system prompts to repair the files if it deducts any error. Click the repair command and Select OK when the repair process gets over. Try opening the files in MS Outlook.

The drawbacks of repairing the files with the help of 2GB truncation and Inbox Repair Tool
First of all using the 2GB truncation and Inbox Repair Tool is very difficult. A person should have a lot of technical competence for using these tools.

For using the 2GB truncation tool one should assure plenty of disk space. Another drawback of this tool is that it deletes the important files from MS Outlook. There is also no guarantee that the Inbox Repair Tool would repair the corrupted files.

What the experts suggest?

If after using these tools the error 0x80040116 has not been rectified then it is the time to use a specifically Data Recovery Software. The best example is Kernel for PST Split. It is the best solution to split the Outlook PST files. It keeps the PST data intact while compacting the file size. It very well supports Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 95, 98 operating systems and Outlook 2000 above versions.

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