Technology Of Mobile Computing Changes The Way We Evolve, Rapidly!

In the new information age all people are connected on the Internet, this swiftly feeds innovation on all fronts of the modern society. Computers are used In third world countries more often every day. Not only fixed desktop computers, but specifically mobile computing devices. These new forms of communication help people in underdeveloped countries connect, share and exchange knowledge. What has propelled us forward, and still is pushing us in new stages is knowledge creation and sharing. In fact , this is what separates us from animals, our ability to communicate on superior means. In the old days knowledge was shared through books. A privileged few who had access to libraries and reading/writing abilities could learn, create and share new knowledge with those that are born after them. Through these means, we as civilizations have evolved over the centuries.

Consider what kind of effects mobile computing technology has on our means to learn, create and share knowledge. No longer a selected privileged few have access to libraries, now almost everyone on this planet has access to Internet, and fast amounts of information it holds. Given, that not everybody has reading/writing abilities as of today. Still, we are making huge advancements towards creating individuals who are smart, connect and share/integrate their insights, to create new knowledge. This knowledge has been building over the past thousands of years and shapes our world today. The past few decades our technological breakthroughs are expanding exponentially. Not so long there were people who thought it was impossible to land on the moon, yet today we take this for granted. What about cloning animals? Although there are some ethical issues involved concerning cloning, my point is this: The pace at which we learn and evolve as a species is growing rapidly!

The reason I am so excited about mobile technologies, is that smart phones, tablet pcs and laptops are a means to create and share knowledge at speeds we cannot even begin to grasp. Not only are more and more individuals connected, the geographic boundaries are virtually broken. A very smart individual from Africa, can connect with an European to create new knowledge. This diversification of social network ties, provide means to connect individuals with different cultural backgrounds, worldviews and thought processes. The unique insights that evolve from these kinds of connections, could create the Nobel prize winners of tomorrow. Call me an optimist, but I strongly believe mobile computing technology is shaping our future, to become even more brighter than we can imagine today.

When we take one step back in our minds eye a couple of hundred years, there is no doubt. Learning, creating and sharing of knowledge has been going faster, and faster each year! No one knows what the future may hold for us exactly. Only some amazing technological breakthroughs will come, of that I am sure!

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