Whether it’s active and passive speakers?

Basically the active and passive speakers that have a similarity in function is the same – the same sound. However, the sound emitted by the speakers have different qualities. In this article we will discuss, whether the description of the active speaker and the passive speaker?

Many say the general characteristics of the active speaker is more compact appearance, speakers and power into one. In contrast to the passive power speakers and separate speaker so that the way the installation is also in need of calculations, because if the power strength and power of the speaker is out of sync, then sound may not come out or the sound emitted is not pleasant to hear (Noice). Active speakers price is also different depending on the features and quality provided.

While the general characteristics of passive speaker is the speaker not seen the appearance of compact, it still requires additional equipment and installation requires the proper setting to produce a sound that is pleasing to the ear.

The advantages of active speakers approximately as follows:
1. look more compact, speakers and power has become one
2. No need for power and speaker settings, because it was the setting of the factory
3. Due to the strength of power and speakers are measured by the manufacturer, so it is rarely damaged or overload

Disadvantages active speakers more or less as follows:
1. Since the speaker settings and power together, in case of malfunction of one of them, then the speaker can not be used
2. Prone damaged if exposed to water and sunlight
3. Difficult to at expand

Excess passive speakers is as follows:
1. Setting the speakers only need one cable
2. Do not vulnerable if exposed to water, or hot sun for power and speaker cables can be arranged to be placed in a secure location (On and Off panels is on operator room)
3. Easy to expand
4. If either the power or the speaker is damaged, it can still be used, or look for a replacement

Passive Speaker shortcomings are as follows:
1. Carefully calculate the forces of power and the power of the speaker, if not happen: the sound does not come out, broken voice, could even damage the power or speakers.
2. Requires a lot of equipment or not concise.

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